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27 September 2010 @ 11:26 pm
Title: Night And The City
Author: Dandygrrrl 
Pairing: Frank/Gerard, (My chemical romance) Bob(Mcr.)/Ryan Ross (Patd), Gabe Saporta (Cobra starship)/ Mikey Way (Mcr). OFC/Mike Carden (Tai)  Pete Wentz/ Patrick Stump (Fob) William Beckett (Tai)/ Ray Toro (mcr)
Rating: Overall NC-17
Summary: With Doll nothing more then a rotting zombie, and Frank has a new born baby nothing bad can happen right?
Disclaimer: Don’t own anyone but I might try kidnapping bhahahaha <<< Been told thats creepy so no, I don't own, know or have anything to do with any of the famous people featured in this story.
Warnings: Bdsm, blood play, violence, gore, dark humour, blah blah blah....
Notes: This is the next installment to Red Darkness and Blood And Roses. So on with the terrible third installment of what has been described as the worst fanfic ever!

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Chapter 22

M looked at the glass case that now pretty much held the remains of Doll, it was only when her eyes flickered open that he saw any life in her. As he looked upon her all he felt was coldness. He didn’t really have strong emotional feelings on anything. Like most of his race he lacked any passion.

The war being fought on his own planet was between tribes wanting more land, yet all this was done in a cold clinical way. If a tribe needed to be wiped out, you wiped them out quick and took the land.

He didn’t like what he did, but then he didn’t feel any remorse for what he did. It was something that had to be done, that was all. He remembered when some of his own tribe came to this planet, they had taken a child and ran tests on him. He proved to be a perfect being of the ruling race. Yet the child was gentle and scared, the tests proved he would not be strong when he grew into a man.

Yet the tests were showing that this boy was a alpha male, perfect genes for his race, this planet would be so easy to take over. M shook his head on how stupid they were.

The boy was a fertile, and at the time they didn’t know they were two kinds of vampires. He had watched as his tribe planned there attack, taking on a desert tribes of vampires. Creep in through the back door as they say; they expected a easy win. Of course M had witnessed his tribe getting ripped apart .

He had never seen such blood lust, such rage, if only he could have these beings on his side. They had such passion for causing pain. They wore unstoppable.

M sighed to himself. They had dumped the child on the desert road, left the boy there. If only they hadn’t been so stupid, because that boy with the perfect genes was Frank. He could have had him all these years. Now he couldn’t get near him, but he would.

Doll’s eyes blinked open and saw the being looking at her. She could see that he wasn’t a vampire, she dragged her self over to the glass he pale eyes pleading with him.

“Please- please help me-” She rasped her voice giving away how much pain she really was in.

M knelt by the glass and looked at her, “What would it be worth to help you?” He smiled a plan forming in his head.
Chapter 23

M looked dispassionately down at the living corpse of Doll. One thing he race did learn was how to force a toy to regenerate. He didn’t understand how it worked as he put Doll onto the machine, what he did know was a certain kind of radiation would force a toys cells to mend, and that included the heart. Once the heart had regenerated and started beating again, then Doll’s healing would start on it’s own. She would be just like she was before Zacky removed her heart.

M smiled to himself as he dumped her on the machine, watching through protective glass as it did it’s work. She was thrashing about, the beams feeling like tiny lasers burning into her, yet as they worked M could see her body being restored to it’s former self.

It would take a while for her to be remade, maybe a day, or judging by the state of her two. Then unbeknown to Doll he would sacrifice her again so he could get his hands on Frank.

He smiled slightly as he walked out of the lab and back to his quarters. He smiled as he saw his fertile kneeling in the corner, his head down and his long dark hair covering his face.

M had to admit he saw why doms found fertiles to appealing. He had grown to like there submissive eyes and soft voices. By nature most of them wore meek, he watched as his clients paid high prices for a night with a fertile.

They would sob and scream those first few nights, but after the first few times they would seem to give up. They wasn’t stupid beings, and knew that the camp was in the middle of no where, not only would they have to scale a ten foot wall, they would have to out run vicious dogs across miles of swamp land.

M looked up as Terry walked in, he watched as Terry looked down at the fertile and sneered slightly.

“It makes you wonder doesn’t it?” Terry sitting his large frame down onto the sofa.

“What does?” M asks pouring Terry a couple shots of whiskey, which Terry drank like water.

“It makes you wonder why fertiles sob so much about being taken by a human, when a dom probably does the same,” Terry said. “I often wonder if Frank enjoyed what I was doing to him,”

Terry shook his head listening to Terry, he often wondered why he kept someone stupid around. It was obvious to M that of course Frank wouldn’t like being knocked about by Terry.

One thing he had come to learn about fertiles is as masochistic as they seemed to be, most of them didn’t like humiliation. They didn’t want to be beat up randomly, indeed even a Anton Nor like Frank wouldn’t want to be beat up by there own partner.

M didn’t fully understand what went on in a vampire fertiles mind. Maybe only a vampire could fully understand it. It seemed they wanted to be controlled but at the same time treated like princesses. M had read that a Anton Nor should be treated like a favoured slave but at the same time they should also be worshipped and treated like royalty.

Frank giggled as Gerard sat him on a dining chair before tying his hands behind his back.

“Gerard what are you doing,” He grinned as Gerard sat in front of him with a bowl of ice cream.

“Feeding you ice cream,” Gerard laughed, filling a spoon with chocolate ice cream and telling Frank to open his mouth. He smiled as he started to feed his mate. He knew how much Frank liked ice cream.

“Gerard?” Frank asked as he licked the spoon clean, his hazel eyes full of mischief.

“What baby?” Gerard smiled leaning forward and kissing Frank’s cold lips.

“You didn’t have to tie me up to feed me ice cream,” Frank giggled kissing Gerard back.

“I like tying you up, and mmm you taste like chocolate now. I quite like the idea of a chocolate Frankie,” Gerard says nipping Frank’s throat. “Mmm I think your blood would mix perfectly with chocolate,”

Frank smiles leaning into Gerard’s touch. His wrists still tied behind his back, and he so much wanted to touch his husband.

“How about I just have you for dinner?” Gerard whispered, liking the idea of having Frank tied over the dining table naked, as he bit, licked and kissed the fertiles gorgeous body.

“Well that can’t be now, I need to pick Stormy up,” Frank smiled thinking about how his own Momma had offered to spend the day with Storm.

Gerard smiled and untied Frank’s wrists before kissing him again.


Frank smiled as he said good bye to his Momma and put Storm in the car seat. He laughed as storm made a cooing sound as if saying bye to Darcy.

“He’s such a good baby, he made your father laugh how he giggled watching a torture show on TV,” Darcy smiled looking at Zacky who had come to stand next to him.

“Yeah, he’s going to grow up into a very feared dom, and it will make a change not being surrounded by fertiles. I remember you as a child and how you used to make me watch some program about unicorns,” Zacky laughed. He remembered the kids program that was meant for fertiles. Something about a fertile princess and how she had a pet unicorn.

Frank laughed hugging his father “I bet you loved that program really,”

Zacky laughed hugging Frank back, “No not really, I used to get laughed at because people would catch me singing the theme song,”

Frank giggled. “Well maybe that’s because you can’t sing very well,”

“I will leave singing pretty songs to fertiles,” Zacky smiled looking down at Frank. Frank could sing, but then most fertiles could, and well Frank was always very much a fertile.

“Bye Momma, Daddy love you both,” Frank smiled getting into the car.

“Love you too Frankie,” Zacky smiled as Frank waved bye as he pulled off.


Doll watched from a safe distance and looked at the gadget that M had given her. She pointed it at the car and pressed a button once Frank had got a safe distance from his parents house. She watched as the car suddenly stopped and grinned to her self.

Frank sighed as the car suddenly spluttered to a stop. Ok this is good as he got out, he looked at Storm.

“Well it looks like we need a lift home,” He said reaching for his purse but before he could get his cell phone someone grabbed him and a cloth covered in chloroform covered his mouth and nose. The last thing he heard was Storm growling before he passed out in someone’s arms.

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