a little less sixteen candles a little more touch me

A little less sixteen candles a little more touch
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Fan fics with fangs. Grawr.

A friendly community for slash involving any fandom

Welcome to Fobvampirehunt. If you like your bandom boys with fangs, this is the place for you.


Anything with a vampire theme or fantasy theme is accepted. Generally speaking, we are open to all bandoms, with the most common ones being the Fueled By Ramen bands.
We do not tolerate flamers. Any unnecessary insult targeting a specific person or their work is unacceptable. We are going to keep our authors safe.
Every author likes feedback, either constructive or positive. If you take the time to read a fan fiction, comments are always appreciated.
Do not take another person's work without their confirmation. Stealing is illegal, you know, even if it's just a plot line.
Show respect within the community. As your mods, we will respect you if you respect each other.
Sporking is not tolerated. You will be banned immediately. End of story.
Your betas are alive and ready for blood sucking.


Please use a heading. We have the basic information already filled out for you. Feel free to use more than this, if inclined.

Please use a live journal cut. If you don't know the coding, it's right here.

If you want to link back to previous chapters, use this coding.

The Mods of the community are dandygrrrl and 4tysteps
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